Stefano Bechini

Musician-Producer-Sound&Multimedia Designer


Stefano Bechini is a musician, composer, producer, sound and multimedia designer from Italy

Active mainly in experimental electronic, jazz music, scoring for video/multimedia sequence, but also as sideman for established mainstream artists.

He worked as player-producer for prestigious labels such as Sony Music, Warner Chappell, Disney Music Group and others.

He has been Art Director for projects promoted by the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage.

He also composed music for cinema and national TV productions (RaiCinema, Mediaset).

Has worked with artists such as: Raf, Paolo Fresu, Enrico Pieranunzi, Luis Enriquez Bacalov, Larry Grenadier, Danilo Rea, Peter Erskine, Fabrizio Bosso, Nick The Nightfly, Incognito and many others.



Selected Works




Clockwork Metaphysics sito

Clockwork Metaphysics OST – OUT NOW!!!

My Original Soundtrack for "Clockwork Metaphysics" is available here:





Raf – Le Ragioni del Cuore

Stefano Bechini: Co-Producer on 8 tracks, Musician, Additional Synths Recording

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quando c'era berlinguer 3

Danilo Rea – Quando c’era Berlinguer OST

Stefano Bechini: Piano Rec.+ Mix + Mastering Engineer

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NICK niceone

Nick The Nightfly – Nice One

Stefano Bechini: Rec+Mix Engineer; Add. Percussions


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Short Bio


He’s certified as “Sound Engineer and Multimedia Designer” for the EU Countries.

He attended the “International Sonology Course” at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague (Holland).

In 2006 he graduated in Ethnomusicology from D.A.M.S (Discipline of Arts and Music) at the University of Bologna, with a degree thesis in Music’s Philosophy titled: “Futurism’s noise: toward a technical-timbral innovation”.

Certified Trainer for the software “Live” by Ableton.

Certified User for the software Pro-Tools di AVID-Digidesign.

He’s active in experimental electronic / pop /  jazz music, scoring for video/multimedia sequence.

Gigs as Musician (a) / Live Producer (b): 



17°, 18°, 24°, 25° e 26° Cantiere Internazionale d’Arte  (1992/93 1999/01 Montepulciano) (a)

-Performance for the sculpture exhibition of M°Kurt Laurenz Metzler – Terme di Caracalla  (Rome 1996) (a)

– “Juvenile Creativeness” Prize: 1st prize-winning (Florence 2000)  (a)

Homework Festival 3rd and 4th edition (Bologna 2002-2003) (a)

Alma Jazz Bechini-Campanelli-Germano Trio (Bologna 2003) (a)

Esterni Festival with Musique d’Ameublement (Milan 2004) (a)

Royal Conservatory (Den Haag-Netherlands 2006) (a)

Roma Film Festival with Francesco Cerasi (Rome 2008) (a)

Play Festival -with Vanemars & Paolo Benvegnù (Arezzo 2009) (a)

European Night Of Museums –  Fai Ascoltare gli Occhi @ National Gallery of Modern Arts – GNAM (Rome 2010) (a)+(b)

Festival Stazione Di Topolò – Postaja Topolove – Stazione di Topolò Festival (Udin 2011) (a)

Ca’Foscari Shor Film Festival – Washout Project (Venice 2011) (a)

Musei in Musica – Meteor Shower @ Ara Pacis (Rome 2012) (a)

Meteor Shower @ Casa del Jazz (Rome 2013) (a)

Washout Project @ Per aspera ad astra Festival (a 2014)

Raf – Electro Tour 2012 – (Italian Tour) (a)

Raf – Le Ragioni del cuore Tour 2013– (Italian Tour) (a)

Raf – Festival di Sanremo 2014 –  (a)

Washout Project @ Area Festival dei beni comuni (Turin2015) (a)

 –Raf – Sono Io Tour 2015 – (Italian Tour) (a)

Raf –Live in Toronto 2015 – (Toronto) (a)

Raf –Tournée 2016 +2017 (a)

Sweatshop with Danijel Zezelj @ 6 Gradi di separazione-trappola Acustica On Stage (Piancastagnaio 2017)

Sweatshop with Danijel Zezelj  -Kinesis @ La città incantata- (Civita di Bagnoregio 2017)

Sweatshop with Danijel Zezelj  -Kinesis #2- (Bagno Vignoni 2017)

Experiences as Recording Engineer (a) / Mix Engineer (b) / Mastering Engineer (c) / Artistic Producer(d) Musician (e):



Paolo Fresu: original soundtrack  “Cento Chiodi” di E.Olmi @ Fonoprint Studios (a)

Musique d’Ameublement:  “L’Uomo Privato”  Original Soundtrack Directed by E.Greco @ Forum Music Village (a)+(d)+(e)

Nick The Nightfly “Nice One” @ Entropya Recording Studio (a)+(b)+ (e)

Battista Lena: Original Soundtrack for Ascanio Celestini‘s “Salvatore e Nicola” @ Entropya Recording Studio (a)+(b)

Luciano Biondini & Javier Girotto “Iguazu’” @ Entropya Recording Studio (a)+(b)

– “Febbre da Fieno”– Original Soundtrack: Dir. L.Luchetti- Music by: Francesco Cerasi – Ex.Prod.: Walt Disney Europe / DAP Italy (a)+(b)+(d)

Vandemars– Blaze (a)+(b)+(c)+(d)+(e) @ Entropya Recording Studio (co-produced with Paolo Benvegnù)

Fratelli Mancuso: Original Soundtrack for Emma Dante‘s “Via Castellana Bandiera” @ Entropya Recording Studio (a)+(b)

Matta Clast– Inferno @ Entropya Recording Studio (a)+(b)+(d)+(e)

Fiorella Mannoia,Mario Biondi & Incognito @ Entropya Recording Studio during Umbria Jazz 2010

Kim Prevost & Bill Solley @ Entropya Recording Studio(a)+(b)

Peter Erskine, Simone Gubbiotti,  Darek Oles “Promise to my friend”  (b)+(c)

Larry Grenadier, Francesco Petreni, David Binney, Enrico Pieranunzi – Entopya Recording Studios (a)

Doctor 3 “Doctor3” @ Entropya Recording Studio (a)

–Bebo Ferra Trio- “Voltage” @ Entropya Recording Studio (a)+(b)+(c)

Mariangela Vacatello– Ginastera Complete Piano Music @ Entropya Recording Studio (a)+(b)+(c)

–Raf – “Le ragioni del cuore” (d (co-producer))+(e)

–Ensemble Nikel– “A Decade” 4 CD’s+DVD Box (b)+(c)

Nick The Nightfly “Be Yourself” Feat.Incognito; F.Bosso; Clusters @ Entropya Recording Studio (a)+(b)+ (e)

–Enzo Pietropaoli Trio- “The Princess” @ Entropya Recording Studio (a)+(b)+(c)

Music for Film, Television & Theatre:


–“L’Uomo Privato”: director E.Greco; music by L.E.Bacalov, G.Bacalov, S.Bechini; prod. Rai Cinema.

“Crimini 2 – Niente di Personale”: director I.De Matteo; music by S.Bechini, F.Cerasi; prod. Rai Fiction, Rodeo Drive Media.

– “Clocwork Methapysics”  soundtrack of homonymous Coppelia Theater’s performance, rewarded as Best Music at 25° International Theatrical Festival Valise (Poland).


Clockwork Metaphysics sito




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